Eddy Current Testing (ET)


DURATION : 10 DAYS (64 Hrs. Classroom training. 2 exam days)


  • Basics of AC and DC current flow circuits, Resistivity, conductivity, electrical current, voltage, Ohm's Law.
  • Magnetism, generation of electro-magnetic fields in conductors and coils.
  • Permeability of materials, Hysteresis, current generation by electro-magnetic induction.
  • Faraday's Law - Oersted's Law.
  • Transformer effect, generation of pulsed direct and alternating currents.
  • Eddy current field generation, in non - ferrous and ferrous materials.
  • Impedance current, plotting impedance, plane diagrams and vectors, voltage monitoring, coils used for inspection purposes.
  • Conductivity curves, lift-off locus.
  • Uses of eddy currents for flaw detection, thickness measuring and material sorting.
  • Calibration of equipment.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Inspection, interpretation and evaluation of indications.
  • Reporting and procedures.
  • End-of-course examinations.


DURATION : 7 DAYS (40 Hrs. Classroom training. 2 exam days)

  • As for Level 1 - Eddy current circuitry, absolute and differential circuits, sorting bridges.
  • Monitor displays.
  • Filtration Plotting and recording.
  • Calibration standards.
  • Surface coils and internal coil inspection.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Reporting and procedures.
  • End-of-course examinations.

DATES 2021

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