Industrial Radiography (RT)


DURATION : 15 DAYS (104 Hrs. Classroom training, 2 Exam days)

  • Basic concepts of radiography
  • Physical principles of electromagnetic radiation;
  • Types of radiation sources;
  • Generation of x-rays and the generation of gamma rays;
  • Natural radioactive material and artificially produced radioisotopes.
  • Radiation absorption and interaction with matter (ionisation).
  • Radiation safety, precautions and safe handling, transportation of radioisotopes.
  • Safety and precautions when using x-ray generators.
  • Personal safety precautions and regulations as laid down by the Department Of Health (D.O.H).
  • Radiation detection and recording.
  • Radiographic film types, film exposure and processing techniques.
  • Reporting and procedures.
  • Practical exercises;
  • Film quality and image detail.
  • End-of-course examinations.

Department Of Health:

When carrying out radiography use is made of shortwave ionizing and penetrating energies which are harmful to people in the vicinity requiring stringent attention to certain safety factors. The D.O.H. lays down the regulations regarding the safe use of this type of energy and require that before radiography can be carried out the person performing the work be registered as a radiographer. He or she must undergo an approved training programme followed by a written examination. The person must then gain six months practical work experience before being authorized to work unsupervised.

Due to the relative hazards of this type of energy it is illegal to perform any radiographic work unless the person has been registered with the Department Of Health or works under the direct supervision of a D.O.H. registered radiographer until he/she has been duly registered.

DATES 2021

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